Darrell Kuwabara has spent the majority of his adult life honing his skills as a guitarist and vocalist in bands of various sizes and styles across the Waterloo Region. As a founding member of Innuendo, he has played hundreds of engagements both within the Kitchener-Waterloo area and at venues in throughout Ontario. For smaller events, he performs with fellow band mate Rod Gimpel in the duo, Double Impact. He is also the guitarist for Disorderly Conduct, which performs for the Waterloo Regional Police Service events.

His guitar playing is geared stylistically and dynamically to serve the song and support his band mates in the delivery of the vocals. When called upon to solo, he is willing and capable of delivering the licks that are right for the tune and the style in which they are being performed. Subtle when needed or as assertive as you want to be, he will deliver.

As a vocalist, Darrell is equally adept at inhabiting whatever role the arrangement calls for. He derives tremendous satisfaction delivering the rich harmonies that are characteristic of an Innuendo performance. His voice adds a colour and texture that mixes well with his colleagues at the microphones. As a lead voice, he can be counted on to deliver the tune to the audience in a way that will engage and satisfy those on the dance floor and those listening from their seats.

With Innuendo, Darrell is amongst a community of professional musicians with similar vision, commitment and enthusiasm.  They come to perform.  


Shelagh Ranalli has a passion for the arts and grew up singing selections of standards and musical theatre songs from her dad's extensive vinyl collection.  She followed her passion for theatre and has performed in both community and professional theatre productions in Hamilton, Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo.

As a recent member of Innuendo, Shelagh is grateful to explore pop music and share the stage with the most positive, genuine and supremely talented band mates. The audience can tell just by watching the band live how much fun they have together, and that's what makes for a special performancethe audience and band connection. 

By day, Shelagh shares her other love of fitness and health as an entrepreneur helping others achieve their wellness goals while showing them how to create a life by their own design.


Alison King’s love of music and singing started at an early age. Having parents who were musicians meant that there was always music in the house, and her training included piano, violin and later voice. Her first opportunities to share her passion for singing came with various social gatherings of close friends, including wedding receptions and so on.

Among her early musical inspirations were The Beatles, and in particular, Linda Rondstadt and her collaboration with Nelson Riddle and his orchestra, performing classic and well loved jazz standards. She was able to explore her love of this music in the last few years, performing with well respected jazz musicians in Southwestern Ontario at the Summer of Jazz Series and the Can Am Jazz Festivalan annual event held in Sarnia, ON.

Jazz provided a great outlet for Alison’s passion for music and singing, but she dreamed of expanding her repertoire to include soul, R&B, rock, etc. When she heard Innuendo perform at a friend’s wedding anniversary party she was instantly drawn to their energy, talent, and diversity of music that they performed. She dreamed of being able to be part of something like that, and the opportunity presented itself in 2014 when Alison was asked to join the Innuendo team! She is so excited to be able to make wonderful music with this group of talented, fun and passionate musicians and to share that with all of you!


School Teacher by day- Rocker by night, Rod Gimpel transcends into his alter ego of laying down the groove for his band mates. “ It’s All About the Bass!” Originally he was the lead guitarist for his band from high schools days, Blue Steel, from Georgetown, Ontario. Recently he has discovered a passion and drive for providing the resonating notes of the low register to set the foundation for Innuendo professional sounds. After all, the bottom end and drums (a plug for “Thumper –Tony Bender), provide the foundational structure that will undoubtedly motivate you to bust a move.

Rod has always had a love of music and he continues to enjoy, “getting people on the dance floor and partying their faces off!” His boyish charm and infectious smile help to set the tone for an exhilarating night of topnotch entertainment. Rod always believes it is important for the band to adjust to whatever the mood needs for the occasion; bottom line, the clients are always right. Rod enjoys playing an assortment of instruments; ukulele, electric and acoustic guitar, and he really appreciates rich deep vocals with lots of harmony; to which, once again, he adds the bottom. “It’s All About the Bass!”


Tony is proud to have been part of a vibrant KW music scene ever since the mid 70’s. He started in the south-western Ontario bar-band circuit doing classic rock, prog rock, new wave, and Police covers with the groups “ICE”, “Berlin Beat”, and “Public Notice” in the 70s and early 80’s, as well as countless other jobbing gigs. He maintained a steady gigging schedule in KW while attending and completing the Humber College music programthe premier jazz/rock/commercial music program in the country at the time. After completing Humber in ’82 Tony also focused on music at WLUand Teachers College at U of T. Returning to KW, he conducted the WLU Jazz Ensemble for a few years and played regularly with many of the KW area’s household names in rock: Fred Hale, Black Water Draw, John McKinley, Darius McKinley, Kenny Munshaw, Dan Davies, Ben Rollo, Group Therapy, Al Richardson, Ian Tanner and country with Little Rock, among many others. Tony was also a founding member of “Swacked”, which did original alternative-rock in the KW and Toronto area, producing two original CD releases and a Much Music Vide through a Factor grant. Loving all kinds of music, Tony has also been a part of the local KW Jazz scene performing with Dave Wiffen, Glenn Buhr, Larry Larson (Jazz at the Registry series), Big Band Theory, John McLelland, Royal City Big Band, Greg Prior, Paul Stouffer, Tim Mohr, Andy Klein and Robin Habermehl.

Tony’ has made a new home with Innuendo for the last three years and enjoys the diversity of the music, the professionalism, and the dedication to always deliver what the client wants. The music is great, the spirit is uplifting, and the band members are like family.

During the daytime Tony is a Director of I.T. for a local financial institution. Computers is a great “hobby”, but music is his life blood.

Tony is also committed to music education and enjoys teaching a small select number of students every year, having sent drummers on to acceptance at Humber, McGill, Mohawk, Queens and the MusicFest nationals honours Big Band. Remembering his own opportunities as a teen with a good variety of teachers and great experiences in the National Youth Band of Canada and the Youth Band of Ontario, Tony likes to find time to volunteer to assist other kids in jazz groups in the local high schools. 

Tony’s influences remain all the classic/prog rock he grew up with, the blues of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Buddy Guy, BB King and the late great local Mel Brown, the funk/R&B of Tower of Power, the pocket grooves of Motown, and the sparse but funky rock-jazz cross-over from decades worth of Steely Dan brilliance, and Miles because there is a whole world inside every note he chooses to play. Tony’s favourite part of any gig, he loves it when he can make the singers and the audience dance all night and not be able to stand still. You’ll love it too.


Paul has been involved in music since the early days of studying and completing Grade 8 Conservatory piano and Grade 2 theory. Once in his teens, Paul crossed over to the performance organ and had the pleasure of playing many models of Lowrey and Hammond theatre style organs driven thru Leslie speakers. The living room of the family home was the arena for many home concerts in front of family and friends which soon branched out into live performances at high school assemblies.

Paul’s career and exposure began to grow when, at the young age of 17, he joined an established musical ensemble, led by Don Singular. The combination of rehearsals in the basement of homes and practices orchestrated at a family cottage during the summer months culminated in live performances which began in the KW Golden Triangle area in September of 1971. The trio’s distinctive sound and complexity evolved with Paul playing a T-200 Hammond organ with a 145 Leslie and bass using one octave bass pedals to compliment wind instruments and drums.  

With the trio’s popularity growing, the group expanded into a quartet, adding a bass player to create more depth and vocals to the presentation. With a goal to enhance the band’s repertoire and appeal, Darrell Kuwabara was added as a 5th member who could deliver a rock influence and enhance the band’s sound through his distinctive vocals and guitar playing. This began the strong musical bond and friendship with Darrell that has lasted 40 plus years and carries on today with the band Innuendo.

Paul’s musical influences include Santana, Tower of Power, Earth Wind & Fire, Chicago, Eagles, The Beatles and today’s music featured in contemporary smooth jazz, R&B, Motown, Pop and Rock. Of course, any time a band adds Hammond organ to their mix, it makes it even better!

Paul’s day job is working with Revera as a Compliance Analyst. The musical escape of performing on keyboards with Innuendo is a complete contrast and change of pace to his career work which focuses on reporting details.   

Paul’s passion for music allows him to continue to grow his artistic and expressive side. Surrounded by the Innuendo family of talented, dedicated, professional and fun musicians, every night performing with the band brings a special smile which can’t be matched with any other activity!