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Double Impact is the musical duo you can count on to make any social event memorable.


Meet the Band

Darrell Kuwabara

Darrell Kuwabara

Darrell Kuwabara has spent the majority of his adult life honing his skills as a guitarist and vocalist in bands of various sizes and styles across the Waterloo Region. As a founding member of Innuendo, he has played hundreds of engagements both within the Kitchener-Waterloo area and at venues in throughout Ontario. For smaller events, he performs with fellow band mate Rod Gimpel in the duo, Double Impact. He is also the guitarist for Disorderly Conduct, which performs for the Waterloo Regional Police Service events. His guitar playing is geared stylistically and dynamically to serve the song and support his band mates in the delivery of the vocals. When called upon to solo, he is willing and capable of delivering the licks that are right for the tune and the style in which they are being performed. Subtle when needed or as assertive as you want to be, he will deliver. As a vocalist, Darrell is equally adept at inhabiting whatever role the arrangement calls for. He derives tremendous satisfaction delivering the rich harmonies that are characteristic of an Innuendo performance. His voice adds a colour and texture that mixes well with his colleagues at the microphones. As a lead voice, he can be counted on to deliver the tune to the audience in a way that will engage and satisfy those on the dance floor and those listening from their seats. With Innuendo, Darrell is amongst a community of professional musicians with similar vision, commitment and enthusiasm. They come to perform.

Rod Gimpel

Rod Gimpel

School Teacher by day- Rocker by night, Rod Gimpel transcends into his alter ego of laying down the groove for his band mates. “ It’s All About the Bass!” Originally he was the lead guitarist for his band from high schools days, Blue Steel, from Georgetown, Ontario. Recently he has discovered a passion and drive for providing the resonating notes of the low register to set the foundation for Innuendo professional sounds. After all, the bottom end and drums (a plug for “Thumper –Tony Bender), provide the foundational structure that will undoubtedly motivate you to bust a move.

Rod has always had a love of music and he continues to enjoy, “getting people on the dance floor and partying their faces off!” His boyish charm and infectious smile help to set the tone for an exhilarating night of topnotch entertainment. Rod always believes it is important for the band to adjust to whatever the mood needs for the occasion; bottom line, the clients are always right. Rod enjoys playing an assortment of instruments; ukulele, electric and acoustic guitar, and he really appreciates rich deep vocals with lots of harmony; to which, once again, he adds the bottom. “It’s All About the Bass!”

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